Facility Tours at the MEP Conference

This year at the MEP Innovation Conference, a new feature has been added. A selection of facility tours are being offered that showcase MEP processes, manufacturing facilities and more. Busing will be provided from the Marriott to take you to the tour locations on Wednesday, January 11, prior to the main portion of the MEP Innovation Conference. Tours are extremely limited, and available on a first-come first-served basis. More tours to other locations will be made available as we approach the conference.

DSI Facility Tour – $100 Fee

Dynamic Systems Inc is a multi-trade contractor headquartered in Austin, Texas and locations across the country. Their Buda location, located 15 minutes from downtown Austin, is home to their main VDC and fabrication facilities. This tour will include an overview of their VDC processes, their strategy when it comes to data driven fabrication and their model-to-machine capability in their fabrication facility. Attendees will see how they approach their coordination, drawing, and communication in their detailing department. They will continue to see how DSI takes a digital approach to the construction process continues into their fabrication and onto the jobsite. Hosts will explain how they apply a manufacturing approach to their sheet metal, plumbing, hi purity and piping fabrication by utilizing machinery that uses information driven by the VDC department to optimize productivity and reduce material waste. The digital manufacturing approach continues into their shipping and the communications within their software to the jobsite so that project managers, field supervisors and operations leaders all have updates on progress and manpower.

Tours of 20 departing at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM CST will be available.

Sign up for tours when registering for the conference.