Zach Piercy


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Reverse Mentoring

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Traditionally more experienced workers train the less experienced, and there is no exception in the construction trades. However, with the emergence of technology, younger workers may have some best practices for modern technology to help the company save time and increase productivity. This session will discuss implementing a program for skills and training, recognizing the barriers to getting the senior employee to learn from the junior employee, and establishing the timeline for acceptance.


Zach has extensive experience with preplanning projects. Due to the nature of his work in large out of state projects, he has developed expertise in preplanning and scheduling for large projects with limited deliveries. In some cases, only one delivery could be coordinated for a multi million dollar facility. Zach handles project controls, schedule and equipment management releases for multiple projects. Zach’s ability to integrate technology into our projects has enable him to become an excellent problem solver for challenging projects.

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