Todd Grossweiler

Allison-Smith Company, LLC

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Multi-Trade Coordination for Pre-Fab

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Driving prefabrication means considering optimizing multi-trade coordination. The earlier teams are involved, especially for internal and external VDC and BIM coordination opportunities, the more successful the outcome. This session will feature best practices on coordinating multi-trade building from case studies. From prefabrication to modular construction, the value of communication and coordination will elevate your projects across all trades.


Todd Grossweiler

Todd Grossweiler has been with the Allison-Smith Company for the past 22 years where he is currently an Executive Vice President. Todd graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree prior to beginning his career with the Allison-Smith Company. He continues to seek out ways to innovate through processes, technology, and people. Maintaining good relationships with both his internal team and external customers is the foundation for his success. Todd believes that if you surround yourself with good people, then good things will happen.

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