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Point Clouds: Getting Accurate Field Measurements With Jobsite Challenges

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More GCs who scan projects and provide them for all trades raise concerns for MEP contractors, including scanning the wrong areas, missing details, and working on different timelines. This session will explore how to recapture work to make VDC and prefabrication more viable, and the second part will discuss using point clouds beyond data collection to improve project workflow for multi-trade or facility team pre-purchase equipment.


Tim Bodor

Mr. Bodor has over 20 years’ experience in the MEP industry with an emphasis on CAD and BIM. He was also served as a project lead for a plumbing and fire protection design team. Tim has spent the last 10 years working as the engineering BIM integrator/VDC manager overseeing the day-to-day BIM modeling implementation and laser scanning operations within the Engineering Department.

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