Steve Whitmer

ACCO Engineered Systems

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How to Build Your Job Without Material 

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VDC provides a ton of information to all parties downstream, but who provides the VDC department with information such as submittals and a clean material matrix? PMs? A dedicated Precon Department? This roundtable session will discuss what contractors are doing to get the necessary information to their VDC team on time. It will also discuss scheduling and coordination so that submittals are sent well before jobsite construction.


Steve has worked his entire career in the VDC/BIM field, starting in 2005. Throughout that time he has performed BIM at every level – as a designer, modeler, detailer, lead detailer, BIM coordinator, and BIM Manager. Recently Steve has been given a new role at ACCO Engineering Systems: Construction Technology Manager – VDC, where he is focusing on how VDC workflows and data can be utilized and beneficial in other facets of the business. Steve was previously a BIM Manager at ACCO Engineered Systems for 14 years and has been instrumental in setting up and implementing BIM/VDC workflows throughout the company.

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