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Transform Your Organization for the Future

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With the future bringing more of the same accelerated challenges of schedule compression, pricing pressure, and manpower shortages, the industry will be forced to innovate at a heightened clip. Most contractors are trying to solve these massive industry issues with tactical solutions and everyone is basically trying the same approach they have used for years. The reality is a new business model that is evolving to address these challenges with strategic, long-term solutions.   Best in class electrical contractors are utilizing value stream mapping to visualize work systems (prefabrication, IT, financial systems, etc.) and identify the gaps, overlaps and roadblocks in how customer requests/orders are completed.  We will use case studies of US based contractors including pictures and detailed descriptions of what they have done, why, and the substantial bottom line results they are enjoying.

Process Driven Profitability

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Achieving predictable results while reducing risk includes defined, scalable systems and processes deployed with technology. However, the more a company grows, the harder it becomes to develop and deploy these systems. This session will discuss defining standard procedures, generating buy-in that will operationalize their use, and utilizing them as a platform to elevate your organization.


Stephane McShane is a Director at Maxim Consulting Group responsible for the evaluation and implementation processes with our clients. Stephane works with construction related firms of all sizes to evaluate business practices and assist with management challenges. With a large depth of experience working in the construction industry, Stephane is keenly aware of the business and, most specifically, operational challenges that firms face. Her areas of expertise include: Leadership development, executive coaching, organizational assessments, strategic planning, project execution, business development, productivity improvement, and training programs. Mrs. McShane is an internationally recognized speaker, mentor, author, and teacher. Her ability to motivate, inspire, and create confidence among your work groups is extremely rare and very effective.

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