Sean Lazarian

Electric Service & Supply Co

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Tech Stack Case Studies

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Various types of software are deployed in contractors’ current tech stacks today. This session will introduce strategies for researching, purchasing, and evaluating different construction technologies. Discussions include how contractors use critical vendor support and manage their costs and data-sharing, especially with cloud-based solutions.

Baby VDC’s First Six Months

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The early stages of rolling out a VDC strategy are equally critical for the long-term success of technology and process adoption. This session will discuss starting with BIM and VDC and evaluating software and technology based on company size. Discussions will navigate the first steps in getting small- to medium-sized contractors to use VDC and prefabrication to their best advantage.

Multi-Trade Control Integration

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The internet age comes with the advanced integration of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. Connected and integrated systems are quickly becoming more user-friendly through phone apps, APIs, and web pages. So, how do we take the next step? This session will discuss opportunities to integrate electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems through a case study driving the connected systems that are already becoming our future.


A third generation owner, Sean has participated in all aspects of the electrical construction company his grandfather started over 60 years ago. From fixing the company computers as a young boy, to estimating as a young adult, and on to his current position as CFO, Sean has continued to use his technological gifts to enhance company operations. He currently cohosts the Contractor Takeover of the Innovation Overload podcast and is a member of NECA’s Innovation & Strategy Task Force.

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