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Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools use software to mimic human actions within your company’s software. It can be a valuable tool for documentation, moving data between applications in your technology stack, or performing automated tasks. This session will discuss case studies of contractors adopting these tools and how they augment their workforces, improve productivity, and document work activity when dealing with design partners.


John Cavalier

John has over twelve years of global management consulting experience working with Fortune 100 companies, mid-market clients, and start-ups. He has worked across numerous industries, helping his clients drive large-scale organization transformations and back-office optimization initiatives. Not only has John helped his clients realize significant efficiencies and cost reductions through optimizing their back-office operations but has also helped them build unique strategic capabilities that provide differentiating value. John’s experience has given him a strong awareness on the ‘human element’ of transformation, and its ultimate dependency on long-term sustainable success, and as such brings strong best practices around stakeholder engagement and change management. Though John has spent significant time transforming and optimizing all back-office functions, his core focus has been guiding CFOs in how to transform their organization.

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