Jared Christman

ELECTRI International

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Multi-Trade Coordination for Pre-Fab

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Driving prefabrication means considering optimizing multi-trade coordination. The earlier teams are involved, especially for internal and external VDC and BIM coordination opportunities, the more successful the outcome. This session will feature best practices on coordinating multi-trade building from case studies. From prefabrication to modular construction, the value of communication and coordination will elevate your projects across all trades.

The Right Type of Scan For the Right Purpose

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3D scanning in modern construction has many different means, methods, and purposes. This session shares how you can use 3D scanning for QA/QC, VDC detailing, fabrication, training, and project management – when using the right tool. They will explore different software applications and the hardware necessary to use them.


Jared is the Director of Construction Technology, his primary roll is to test technology, develop workflows for that technology, and teach the electrical contractor how to use the technology. He comes from the BIM/VDC world, so along with the technology aspect he is also able to help develop the workflow for the BIM department, and aid in the BIM to prefab workflow. He has been in the electrical industry in one form or fashion since 1994, and has provided innovation and technology to companies along the way.

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