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Bringing Lean Concepts to Fabrication Workstations

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This extended workshop will combine education on lean concepts for fabrication with a hands-on design build for fabrication operations specific to each trade.  Led by Carrie Struss and Alan Gasvoda, Lean Leaders for Milwaukee Tool, the session will begin by understanding how lean concepts can be applied to fabrication across the MEP trades. Attendees will learn by doing as they break up into groups to apply the concepts into designs for each trade – electrical, sheet metal, plumbing and mechanical.

The breakouts will allow attendees to think about process, position, material flow and workspace in an effort to minimize all extra movement, motion and wasted time.  In the process, each breakout will come up with a design concept of how to maximize efficiency at each station to share with the group and generate ideas that they can take back and apply to their own shops.

Lean Fabrication Concepts Applied to MEP Trades

Available Dates & Times

Lean construction maximizes value to optimize the entire process, using controlled manufacturing to create identical products. Fabrication allows for the most direct application of lean concepts in our industry with a controlled environment, specialized tools, and workstations. This session will discuss ways to improve fabrication facilities across the MEP trades to apply lean concepts, using examples of how to design fabrication workstations with lean concepts.


Alan Gasvoda

Alan Gasvoda is an experienced people-centric lean leader that builds high-performing teams by clarifying and aligning purpose, engaging people, and developing their CI mindset in order to deliver amazing results. He has served in senior-level roles in Continuous Improvement, Human Resources, and Quality.

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