Adam Davis

Miller Electric Company

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Integrated Modular Solutions

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There are many advantages and challenges to consider with modular construction. Buying from a manufacturer versus building in-house may add value while presenting unique hurdles. This session will feature best practices for integrated modular solutions to elevate your projects.

How Taking Your Jobsite Virtual Can Help You Improve Process, Culture, and Strategy

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Today, the trades have increasingly larger territories, higher costs, and greater risk. Business leaders know that technology can be a valuable tool for expansion and profit protection, but that their most important asset is their people. Building a business that attracts and retains great talent requires a holistic approach. There’s no silver bullet, but some low-lift, low-cost technologies can help by creating a more transparent and collaborative environment.  Join Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace, and Adam Davis, VDC Project Manager at Miller Electric Company, as they share customer insights on how taking jobsites virtual helps make noticeable improvements in process, culture, and strategy.


Electrical VDC Professional for 14+ Years. Adam has performed roles from Designer, Modeler, Layout Coordinator, VDC Coordinator, Project Manager, Enterprise Scheduler, Manager and Director. Passionate about innovation and industry growth, Adam is currently Process Mapping and Creating Metrics around VDC from Budgeting to Fabrication.

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