Using the D in R&D to Grow Profits

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For technology teams, Research and Development is often focused on the evaluation of existing software and technology products.  This is the “R” in R&D.  In this session, Jake Olsen will discuss how Binsky & Snyder approaches R&D not just through researching existing products, but also by investing in true development of new products, software and processes to redefine how the industry builds.  Hear case studies on how Binsky has used the D in R&D to grow profits.


  • Jake Olsen

    Binsky & Snyder

    Jake Olsen, P.E. is the Vice President of Engineering at Binsky, an MEP contractor in New Jersey focused on leveraging modern technology and operational science to improve project costs and schedules. Jake has worked in the construction industry as an engineer and entrepreneur for over 20 years both in the USA and abroad performing engineering, starting companies, launching products, and developing software for the builders of tomorrow working on everything from residential to massive high rise and infrastructure projects. Most recently, Jake was Co-founder and CEO of DADO, a successful construction software company that leveraged powerful graph database technology and search algorithms to help teams find and collaborate on the most relevant construction documents. Jake holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California.

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