The Anatomy of Decision Making in Construction

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The most critical factor in project delivery is effective decision-making. Critical decisions must be made throughout a project lifecycle, but frequently they are made with little more than the experience held in the collective memory of project teams. Collaboration, communication, and early teaming focused on critical decisions are key to project success. Technology is deployed in all phases, but how are we connecting the data to decision-making? The answers lie in understanding the connective tissue that transforms the data into information. In this presentation, we will present strategies to enable trade contractors to leverage technology to improve decision-making.


  • Jeff Sample


    Jeff Sample has devoted the past 20+ years to transforming companies. Jeff optimizes companies throughout the construction industry by designing solutions, optimizing strategic advantages, and breaking down information silos. His passion for outdoor adventure and Ironman competitions garnered him the moniker “The Ironman of IT.”

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