Mistakes Were Made…

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Breakthroughs in technology can feel overwhelming, and in many cases, the user feels far behind in learning best practices. This session will discuss the lessons learned and mistakes in integrating technology to improve operations.


  • Ryan Hoggatt


    A passionate and experienced technologist, Ryan leads the corporate manufacturing and virtual construction strategy, standards, and operation, as well as construction technology adoption and implementation at UMC. He focuses on doing everything possible to automate the manufacturing process and drive service to the field teams. He is responsible for developing and implementing technologies such at UMC that save significant time and money in the manufacturing process, contribute to better coordination and less time spent on jobsites, and improve the bottom line for clients and owners. With 19 years in the construction and manufacturing industry, Ryan inspires curiosity and problem solving through his willingness to explore ideas, options and scenarios that result in constructive solutions for better project delivery.

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