Advance Work Packaging & Lean P4 Planning

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As work becomes more competitive, so must the strategies and processes to drive efficiency and secure the bottom line. In this session, contractors will share best practices of their first steps into prefabrication, driving huge dividends and positioning organizations for success.


  • Perry Thompson

    Perry Thompson

    Parsons Electric

    Perry is Lean Executive Director at Parsons Electric. Perry’s interest in construction began with his family’s tradition of construction in carpentry and masonry fields. Perry served honorably in the United States Air Force. Following the service, he spent many years earning degrees in the technologies industry until he joined Parsons and began his electrical construction career where he has served for the last twenty years. Perry has held positions of increasing responsibility including estimator, project manager, senior project manager, and division manager of Parsons’ Southwest Office in Phoenix, AZ. He then returned home as Construction Executive. They promoted him in April 2015 to Lean Executive Director and joined the senior management team in 2016. Perry is a certified instructor for Lean Construction Institute (LCI), served (s) on the LCI education board, and is a certified instructor for Jeff Liker’s Lean Leadership Institute (LLI). He has certified hundreds of lean students in the Parson’s Black Belt program, developed by Perry and LLI, to achieve the corporate goal of becoming a “Lean Ready” trade partner.

  • Trent Leinenbach

    North Mechanical

    Experienced technology manager at North Mechanical in Indianapolis, Indiana with 10 years of experience in the industry.  Originally a plumber, Trent moved into VDC and Technology at North Mechanical to oversee their process integration from VDC to Fabrication.

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